The Changing Face of International Surrogacy

This year has begun with a “bang” especially for International families seeking surrogates.  This year we are working with families from Spain, Israel, United Kingdom, China and Mexico in addition to families from all over the United States!  This past year we were a sponsor of “Men Having Babies”,, at their Dallas conference and we have enjoyed helping several families grow from that event alone.  Our goal is to reach even more International Couples through conferences in Brussels and Dallas in 2017.

But what is sparking this increase in surrogacy not just from International couples but also from domestic couples, both same sex and heterosexual.  We think its twofold.  First, the legalization of same sex marriage has made it easier for gay couples to become parents as the legal barriers have fallen away in the majority of surrogate friendly states.  And secondly, the assistance of a Gestational Carrier or Surrogate has become a mainstream fertility practice throughout the United States.  With less barriers and more availability in the US, people are seeking out clinics and agencies to assist them with this dream.

At 3 Sisters Surrogacy we believe that every person and every family that has the desire to parent should be able to pursue that dream with the help and compassion of professionals leading the way.  With so much attention being paid to Gestational Surrogacy it can  be easy to be lost in the crowd—we want to be that guide.