FAMILY BUILDERS – The 3 Sisters Surrogacy Referral Program

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What’s the next best thing to being a surrogate? Helping a friend become one!

We feel that word-of-mouth is the best type of referral we can get, so starting April 1st, we are launching our new referral program – FAMILY BUILDERS. Here’s how it works:

If you refer a surrogate candidate to us, and they are accepted and matched with future intended parents, you will be receive a Family Builder Bonus of $250 (for those candidates without health insurance that covers surrogate pregnancy) or $500 (for those candidates with health insurance that covers surrogate pregnancy). See below for general acceptance requirements.

We also offer a Family Builder Bonus of $500 for referrals of future parents in need of a surrogate that sign with our company.

So, start asking your sister, your friends, your sister’s friends if they are interested in helping couples suffering with infertility start their family! Then, refer her to our website at to complete an initial application, or email us at Be sure she lists you as the referral source on the application and refer to the Family Builders program.

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All surrogacy referral bonuses are to be paid to the referral source after candidate passes screening process, has matched with a couple for the purpose of gestational surrogacy, and has executed the gestational surrogacy contract with the couple.
Intended Parent referral bonus is paid to the referral source at the time that the couple signs an Agency Agreement with 3 Sisters Surrogacy.
If the same referral is made by two people, both will split the bonus.
Candidates cannot list themselves as referral source.
General Surrogate Candidate Requirements:
*US citizen
*Ages 22-38
*Normal weight (BMI here for calculator)
Healthy lifestyle (no drug use, no smoking, occasional alcohol is OK, but not during pregnancy)
*Must have had easy pregnancies and deliveries (no pre-eclampsia; miscarriages, c-sections, and pre-term labor/birth reviewed on a case-by-case basis)
*Stable, supportive network of friends and family
*Cannot be on public assistance (no Medicaid or Lone Star Card)
*Must be able to pass criminal background check, child abuse check, psychological and medical screening
*Must live in Texas or other surrogacy-friendly state.
*Health insurance that does not have a surrogacy exclusion a plus, but not required.
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