Esperando – However You Look At It


I love that the verb “to hope” and “to wait” is the same word in Spanish – Esperar.  What is the difference between hoping and waiting – not much except for the expectation of the outcome.

Tomorrow morning, one of our surrogates is having a frozen embryo transfer.  This couple has one frozen embryo remaining – their last chance.  This couple has been “waiting” a long time for this to happen.  But they are “hoping” for a positive outcome.  We all are.

It is always nerve wracking, this point in the surrogacy. Often, the parents have embryos frozen, so the little embies have two humps to get over – (1) to survive the thaw process, and (2) stick to the uterus!  First everyone will “wait” for the phone call to give the embryo survival status, and then will “hope” that the embryo made it.

Everyone will jump in their car and head to the clinic.  The surrogate will be placed in stirrups and the tiny thawed embryo, who is about as big as a period on this page, will be injected through a catheter into her uterus.

Then comes the 2ww (two week “wait”).  The waiting is hard, but the hoping is harder.

Usually it is not two weeks. Surrogates are notorious about testing early.

But, once they see that faint little line… that’s the point that I receive several texts a day of  “Do you see it?  Is there one there?  I think I see a line!”.  And then she’ll test 10 times after that to be sure. She’ll be as excited for this pregnancy as she was for her own, even knowing it is for someone else. Partly because she’s excited to be pregnant, but mainly because she knows she’s about to change someone’s life in an amazing way.

Good luck to our sweet surrogate tomorrow.

Estoy esperando.  I am waiting.  I am hoping.

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