Apply to be a Surrogate

Thank you for showing interest in helping a family achieve their dreams of being a parent.

To begin the process we will direct you to our Surrogacy Application form.

Please click the image below and fill all your information:

We have the following criteria to qualify as a surrogate mother in our program.

  • 21–39 years of age
  • Live in a surrogacy-friendly state like Texas.
  • Have delivered a live-born child at term.
  • Undergo a complete medical exam (obstetric and lifestyle history, physical exam, infectious disease screening, uterine cavity assessment).
  • Surrogate Candidate and Spouse (partner) must have a psychological evaluation
  • Surrogate Candidate and Spouse (partner) will have a complete background check performed.
  • Obtain legal counsel (Must use different lawyer than intended parent / parents use). If married, spouse must sign legal contracts.
  • Must have health insurance that covers you through 8 weeks after delivery (The intended parents must purchase this for the gestational carrier if she does not have it.)

Apply To Be A Surrogate