A Letter To Future Surrogates

Dear Future Surrogate,

Thank you for considering 3 Sisters Surrogacy as a part of your gestational surrogacy journey! We are seeking surrogate candidates who posses a strong sense of commitment to this unique journey, to demonstrate the utmost integrity, dependability and compassion, and have a genuine humanitarian desire to assist an infertile couple or individual in becoming the parents they have dreamed of. Surrogacy requires a serious contribution of time and effort, so surrogate candidates must be willing to fully commit to the entire process, from start to finish.

We expect that our Intended Parents to bring this same sense of commitment, integrity and dependability to this journey as you join together as a “Team” to bring a new life into a waiting family.

As an agency, we are here to help guide prospective (or “intended”) parents and Surrogates through the surrogacy process from start to finish. We begin with matching couples with a candidate, managing interviews, appointments and travel, making arrangements for legal contracts, and providing moral support and expert advice throughout the process. Our goal is to be staunch advocates for both our Surrogates and our Intended Parents as they navigate a difficult and at times confusing process.

We are in the business of helping couples start their family when they are unable to conceive on their own. Our staff emphasizes the importance of sensitivity, open communication, and support with our clients. 3 Sisters Surrogacy works with a wide variety of clients from all over the country.

Surrogacy has been described as one of the most powerful and rewarding decisions a woman can make. Thank you for considering 3 Sisters Surrogacy as your partner as you begin this unique journey. We hope to get to know you!

Warm regards,

- Sunday & Mary